What’s In My Travel Bag- Domestic Flights

I am a huge traveler, and I love to take ‘lots’ of things with me. I put lots in brackets because I overpack! But, Recently I have gotten a lot better at packing, and only pack what I need.

Here is what is in my travel bag! I take this bag with me on the plane so I have everything I need with me.

Bag- Guess Black Solid Tote Bag: I love the bag because its huge and I can fit everything in it. This handbag is the one I take everywhere with me and it is able to fit all of my things in it. 


Ipad and Headphones: I always bring my iPad with me because there are some fantastic apps that will keep me entertained on the plane for ages! I love reading on the plane so I recently found out that the App store that they have free books! I download a few before my flight and that way I’m reading new books!! I also love to download shows on Netflix to watch on the flight. 

Notebook and Pen: I always bring a notebook with me as when I’m sitting on the plane sometimes I get some ideas for my blog or things in general so I write them down in the notebook. 

Young Living Slique BarI tell everybody to take a bar with them, or a small snack. I personally love the Young Living Slique Bar because I know that its healthy and it fills me up super quickly!

Book: So what happens if your iPad dies? Or i just want to read something on paper? I always bring my favourite book with me to read on the plane or if we are sitting in the airport. My all time favourite books are ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Jewel’. 

Smaller Bag:

  • Mouthwash (to make sure I’m always feeling refreshed)
  • Gum (I use the YL Slique gum)
  • Spare Makeup (I bring the Savvy Minerals by Young Living Bronzer- as its multipurpose-, Eyeshadow, and the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes)
  • Lotion (the Young Living Hand and Body Lotion is perfect for planes as I can make sure that my hands are not getting dried out)
  • Deodorant (Because i need to be smelling fresh after the plane flight)
  • Hand Sanitiser (so that I can make sure my hands are nice and clean!)


So that is everything that is in my travel bag!

I will be posting my trip to Melbourne blog when I get home!

Charlii xo



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