Little Cupcakes

While in Melbourne, Mum and I decided to go exploring the different restaurants and cafes around. 

One that drew our attention in was a small cupcake shop in Degraves Street, one of the most famous streets in Melbourne. It had the cutest mini cupcakes in it. We went in to it, and there were so many cupcakes to choose from! The staff were so lovely, and the cupcakes were soft and fluffy, which was even better!!


Mum and I ordered a mini Vanilla Cupcake and a mini Chocolate ‘Tiny Teddy’ Cupcake. The cupcakes were so pretty, but not only that, they were also light and fluffy, which is always perfect in a cupcake.


Cherry Ripe Cupcakes- yummy!


Dark Horse Coffee Cupcakes- Gluten Free Vanilla Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting topped with Callebaut Cocoa Powder!

Wide Variety of Choices which included:

  • RED Velvet
  • Devil’s Dark Chocoalte
  • Rasp White Chocolate
  • Lemon


IMG_8596.JPGOverall, I recommend this Cafe to anyone who is going to Melbourne!!IMG_8602.JPG

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