Top Tips for Planning Your Holiday

So as you all are aware, I love to travel. Traveling is one of the best things that mankind has invented. I am leaving for America in 10 Days so you can expect plenty of photos and a special surprise when I return! Here are my top tips for planning your holiday!


  1. Book your flights and accommodation in advance.

Who likes going to find a hotel a week before your holiday, only to find that all of the good hotels have been booked out? Nobody! Who likes trying to scramble on a flight and being put on that ‘call if a seat becomes available’ list? Nobody! Make sure that you book all of your flights and accommodation months in advance, so that way you definitely have a seat in that plane, and you are well assured a great night sleep at the hotel of your choice.


  1. Plan your outfits!

I can’t stand overpacking, because then when I return home, I have so much to unpack, and then I realize that I had 20 shirts in my bag, and only 2 of them were used. I have started planning my outfits before, and honestly, it makes my life so easy, and it’s so much fun to do! I just grab my calendar which tells me what is on each day, and then I sit down and plan them out. I use sites like Polyvore for the designing and Pinterest for the inspiration. This way, you don’t overpack, and you know what you’re going to wear every day!


  1. Leave space in your suitcase!

Make sure that you leave room in your suitcase, because when you go on holidays, you are guaranteed to buy souvenirs or goodies for your arrival home, so it is vital that you make sure that you leave space in that suitcase. You can roll up your clothes to make sure that they are tightly compacted, and that you have space for those extras!


  1. Have a savings box!

I have the cutest saving box at home, and it says ‘Shopping’ on the back- shopping for my holiday that is! But I have saved up money by working for mum and doing little jobs here and there, which have helped me to save up. I’d highly recommend a savings box as it means that you have money for your holiday. A saving box that has no hole for the money to come out of, is even better, because it rids that temptation to grab some money out.


  1. Plan out the activities for each day.

When you are on holiday, it can be quite difficult deciding what to do each day. It can be even harder, when you go to do something and it might be booked out. If you get a calendar, and plan ahead, you can make sure that tickets are booked and that you have appropriate outfits (Reference to tip no.2) for that day.


So guys, have an amazing time on your holiday, and make sure that you follow my guide!


I can’t wait to show you all America, and keep an eye out for my Instagram @thesavvyteen for photos in around 10 days!


Charlii x

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