Review + Hacks for Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando is a theme park directed at animation and the films that Universal Studios and Warner Brothers create. Rides such as Shrek 4D, Minion Mayhem and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey- are super popular. Heres my review of my time at Universal Studios Orlando.


Universal was really fun. It had rides, shops and food and drink (which of course is the most important part…right?). However in comparison to other theme parks, this was not one I would be desperate to get back to in a hurry. Firstly, the rides were super short. We’re talking average 4 minutes (check out this website which tells us the ride duration. However, this includes the introduction time to the ride )

Disneyland for example has the ride duration of approx. 7m. This does not usually include an introduction, as Disneyland doesn’t have many rides with introductions. Secondly, the wait times for the rides seemed to be forever. I’m not sure how this was so, being that the rides were so short, however I can see because they only had 32 rides, whereas Disneyland have 53.

Another disappointing thing happened to be in one of the rides. The ride Transformers, seemed to have the longest queue. However the wait time was only 30m, the queue went on and on, and we ended up queueing for over 50 minutes. Every corner you turned, there was another queue.

The last thing I found kind of frustrating, was the fact that the rides were not catered to all kinds of people. My mum can’t go onto many rides because of her eyesight issues- which removes any kind of strobing light shows, any 3-4D rides and any rides that go super quick. Out of the 32 Rides, my mum could only go on 3 (but one of those she had to have her eyes closed for). These rides were E.T. and Shrek 4D (which wasn’t that bad, however some parts she had to have her eyes closed.). There were also some rides I couldn’t go on, and also had to close my eyes for, because of Fire. I have a fear of Fire, and most of the rides had fire in them. The one thing that they did have that was great, was the family rooms. In most of the rides they had a family room or a ‘child swap’ room where my mum could sit and wait for us until the ride finished.

Despite all of that, I think that the food and drink was great as there was plenty of places to go, and also the props and decorations around where the rides were centered was fantastic.

My favourite ride was the Jimmy Fallon Race Through New York City ride. This 3D ride made it seem like you were in Jimmy’s studio, and you were racing him through NYC. It had all of his Personalities- like Tight Pants Jimmy and Sara from Ew. It also had some key people in it, such as Hashtag the Panda, the Roots and the Ragtime Gals. It was like a combination of a car race, a rollercoaster and a flight simulation. Loved this ride so much.

Harry Potter Land was simply amazing. It felt like you were in the movies, which was just brilliant. My sister absolutely loved this! See my next post for more about it, as there is too much for me to write about in this one.



  1. Go either early in the morning, or really late at night. This way, the wait times are lowered. If you go early in the morning, You can go one of two ways- you can go straight to the most loved ride (for example Minion Mayhem always has an over 100 minute wait) or you could go to rides that aren’t so popular but you wanted to go on them, and therefore you will have no wait time.
  2. Try FrozenButter-beer. My sister got the cold butter-beer, and I got the frozen one. The cold one has a bit of a kick to it, and is quite sweet, whereas the frozen one eliminates that kick and lowers the sweetness.
  3. Bring your own water, as buying them there can be quite expensive, and we don’t want to be using too many plastic bottles for our environment.
  4. Don’t bring backpacks. This is because on some rides, you cannot bring bags on unless you rent a locker.
  5. Get your tickets on your phone, and that way you don’t have to wait in the queue to get tickets, you can just walk straight through.
  6. Download the Universal Orlando app to check wait times, reserve virtual line tickets, purchase tickets and get free wifi throughout the park.


That is my review and hacks for Universal! I hope you all enjoyed! There are a few photos from my time there throughout this post! Also check out my Instagram for more photos.

Charlii x

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