Travel Essentials- Flight Edition

As most of you know, I travel everywhere in the world! I have been everywhere from Los Angeles, to Greece, to Turkey, and even to Italy!

 I have plans in the nearby future to travel to Alaska and back to America! When you travel as much as I do, you generate a list of things that are necessary to take everywhere with you. Think of this like a ‘what’s in my cabin bag, simplified version!’ So here are my travel essentials- Plane Edition!
Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 12.56.46 pm.png
1. Obviously you store everything in your bags in the airplane, so I like to make sure that the bags that I carry with me are perfect. When picking a bag, I always look for space, padding (so that whatever is inside won’t get broken), patterns on it or the style to make sure that it goes with whatever I’m wearing and lastly functionality. The duffle bag from strandbags, is big on the inside, and that is where I put all of my books, jumpers and larger items. It also has wheels, making it more functional for the airport. The Handbag on the other hand is a larger tote, and it looks perfect with any outfit. It is a guess handbag! It is also my everyday handbag!



2. The YL Seedlings Baby Wipes are my favourite wipes ever! And the best part? They aren’t just for babies! I use these wipes on my face, so when I’m on the plane they are perfect! Flying dries out your skin, so bringing wipes onto the plane is perfect because you can keep your skin nourished! And they are lavender scented!


3. I always bring books with me on the plane, and although the new ‘trend’ is audiobooks, I personally prefer a good old hardcover! The Jewel is my all time favourite book, and it is such a great thing for me to read on an airplane! Shay Mitchell’s book ‘Bliss’ is the one I am currently reading, and so far, I am loving it!
4. My YL Essential Oils are a must! The main three I bring- Stress Away (I mean it says it all in the name!), Peppermint (If I want to flavour my water on the plane or need to help an unhappy head or tummy) and also Thieves (because who knows what is floating around on these planes?) They are absolutely fantastic, and I love love love bringing them onto the airplane with me!
24444825541_67811334fb_z.jpg23899000964_f9a226e707_z (1).jpg24159549149_4959b39ce0_z.jpg
5 .My iPhone and iPad are a must! Obviously the phone comes with me everywhere, and the iPad, is brilliant for planes! I usually load a bunch of games, books (even though I prefer the hardcover, It’s still good to have more!), and also music and Netflix shows!
Also, don’t forget your chargers!
6. A passport, I mean come on, you need a passport to get anywhere! So its obviously an essential!
p.s. It is so important to keep your passport in a passport holder, such as the one below from
Australian_Passport_(_P__Series).jpgBeis Travel  2.jpg
7. I always bring some of my Savvy Minerals by Young Living makeup on the plane with me, just for a touch up when I leave the plane! I always bring a small pot of the foundation, an eyeshadow, a mascara and a bronzer!
41626358680_8baf3c86b1_z (1).jpg30653849248_93a9d190be_z.jpg
8.I bring a face mask with me on every flight, and it is the Young Living Art Creme Masque! It comes in a small pot, and always makes my face nourished! I usually wipe my face off with the wipes mentioned above, and then I apply the mask on top!


9. I LOVE my knitted hoodie from temt! The photo below is not the one from temt (As I could not find a photo of it!) However, this one looks exactly the same! It is perfect for on the plane as it keeps you warm and cool at the same time! It also is stylish, and goes with whatever!


10. My favourite eye mask ever is from Typo. It is fluffy, soft and covers my eyes! It is called a ‘blackout mask’ because it completely blacks everything out, making sure you get a great night sleep!

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.05.49 pm.png
So there you go, that is my essentials for a flight! Of course I take many more things with me, however these are my must haves!
Charlii xo

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