My December Skin Care Routine- Blogmas Day 1

Welcome to Blogmas Day 1! December, by far is one of my favourite months! It also happens to be one of my best skin months!

Where I live, December is in that cold-one-day hot-the-next kind of weather period. So it is so important to have a steady skin care routine that can survive both the heat, and the cold. I will provide the order for my skin care, and then some tips and tricks!!

1. Makeup Remover

2. Gentle Cleanser

3. Satin Mint Facial Scrub

4. Toner

5. Light Moisturiser

6. Serum

7. Eye Cream


(Disclaimer- These are just the products and the order that I use them in, if something in this routine doesn’t work for you, change it around. I am providing this as MY skin care routine, and I would recommend incorporating the order that you use the products in. This is a post designed around you, and how you use the products. If you know that a product doesn’t work for you, I would recommend trying it again once, and if you still are unsure or don’t like it, then I would recommend looking at the other options that Young Living offer!)


  1. Cleansing your face/makeup with an oil cleanser


During these months your skin can get very dry and you need some sort of an oil to balance out the levels of dryness and hydration in your skin. I love the Young Living Mirah Luminous cleansing oil. A little goes a long way, and it smells incredible!!

Other alternatives are Coconut oil, or just your usual cleanser. I use this for step one of the routine, to take off my makeup. I then cleanse after that, however it is whatever you think your skin needs, so if you think one cleanse is enough, then stick to that!


 2. Gentle Cleanser.

I love to do a double cleanse during these months, and the Young Living Gentle Cleanser. It is gentle on the skin, and helps to do another deep cleanse, to take away any build up of makeup.


3. An exfoliating scrub

Around December I love using the Satin Mint Facial scrub, because it doesn’t use any of the beads that most other scrubs use, meaning that it really is pure for my skin. It helps to complete the deep scrubs of the skin, and it leaves an amazing feeling on my skin. It also smells so beautiful!!


4.  Toner!

Toner is the pH balancer of your skin. It is the most crucial step of the routine for me! I have issues with my acid mantle (slightly acidic film on the surface of human skin acting as a barrier to bacteria and other potential contaminants.), and this causes me to have Rosacea. So toning Is vital for me!

The Young Living art toner is so amazing. It’s so refreshing and nourishing to the skin, and it smells gorgeous!


4. Light Moisturiser for this intense month!

I love using the light moisturiser, as it is only light which makes it even better for these months. The only reason I like to use the light one instead of the intensive moisturiser or some of the other creams, is because during this month the weather is constantly changing. In the hotter time of the year I like to use little to no moisturiser as my skin doesn’t dry out during that time. However, when it comes to the winter time of the year, my skin goes incredibly dry so I like to use the intensive moisturiser. December is a constantly ever-changing weather period, so one day it is hot and the next it is cold. I like to use this moisturiser, as I can use it as a stable moisturiser for the whole month.


5. Serum


Using the YL Art Serum is absolutely a must during this month. Yes I know, it’s another product to put on your face! But trust me, it will be fantastic for your skin! Just applying the serum on top of the moisturiser will smoothen it out, add a fantastic scent, and it will boost the hydration of your skin!


6. Eye cream is your saviour!

Especially around the Christmas period, we are stressed and usually that results in no sleep! It is vital to use a great under eye cream, as this will help to smoothen out the bags under your eyes, and make your makeup sit even better on top.

So there you go! That is my December skin care routine! Like I said earlier, this is just designed to show you what my skin care routine is, and what products I use! I hope you guys enjoyed the first day of Blogmas!!!


Charlii xo

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