Christmas Drinks/Mocktails- Blogmas Day 4

Christmas is literally 21 days away! How exciting!!! And because it is so close, I wanted to share with you all my top 6 festive drink recipes! These are great for around the table at Christmas time, or for having in the fridge for if people come over! Enjoy! x

I have put the recipes in cute graphics, and then included a small description underneath!


Ginger-Cranberry Spritzer

Hppy Holidays!.png

This one is by far my favourite! It just contains ice, cranberry juice and ginger ale! It’s super duper delicious, and I consider it a mocktail! You can dress this up in the glass with mint and fresh cranberries.


Lime Spritzer

Hppy Holidays! copy.png

This one is one that my mum and I have at home all the time. It is just fresh limes (you can use lime oil too!) and soda water. It’s so delicious!


Iced Mint Chocolate

Hppy Holidays! copy 2.png

This one is something a little different. Iced chocolates are something I’m sure everyone loves, but this one is extra special, because it’s made with Peppermint essential oil. It’s a twist on a classic!


Very Berry Refresher

Hppy Holidays! copy 3.png

Okay so I might have used a little help with this one, thanks for the inspiration Starbucks! I made my own Very Berry Refresher! (Just a hint I forgot to mention in the recipe card, where it says chill, make sure it is cold! I like to put it in the blast chiller). This particular drink is something I love to make for myself in the mornings to bring with me when I go to study, however dress it up and make it pretty, and it’s the perfect festive drink!


Ningxia Spritzer

Hppy Holidays! copy 4.png

This one is so festive! It’s red (Christmas colours) and it is so tasty! It’s just Ningxia Red and Soda water!! So easy, and so festive!


I also wanted to add in another drink that I make, except this one doesn’t need a recipe card! Young Living’s Ningxia Zing is a fantastic drink to have on some ice cubes at Christmas, and give a can to your guests as a gift! Alrighty guys, I hope you enjoyed this blogmas post, it sure was a fun one to create the graphics for! Leave a comment and tell me your favourite drink recipes!

Charlii xo

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