Gift Ideas for Teens- Blogmas Day 5

I personally believe teens are the hardest to buy for! Being a teenager myself, I know what I like, but I struggle to come up with ideas as to what others like! It is because teenagers are so different! So I compiled a list of gift ideas for teenage boys, and girls, that I hope you can get some ideas from!


Crispin Bed Linen, $89.95


  1. Novelty Slippers ‘Oli’, $17.49,
  2. Stress away bath bombs, $55.45,
  3. Bluetooth shower speaker, $29.99,
  4. Open heart pendant, $205,
  5. The Cosmetic case in Pink, $38,
  6. Luscious lips collection, $156.90,
  7. Echo Dot, $115,
  8. Faux Fur cushion, $12,
  9. Beauty Blender makeup sponge, $30,
  10. The Jewel book, $17.99,




Crispin Bed Linen, $89.95 copy.png


  1. Bluetooth shower speaker, $29.99,
  2. Star war 32gb USB Drive, $25,
  3. The original watch, $149,
  4. Gift cards, $15+, various places (I put itunes in here!)
  5. Personalised thongs, $50,
  6. Beats studio 3 headphones, $449,
  7. Punch laundry bag, $49.95,
  8. Bifold wallet, $49,
  9. Shutran Aftershave lotion, $57.65,
  10. Star wars battlefront game, $15,


I hope you all got some ideas from this post, I can tell you all I was able to do some great research to find these presents, and ended up ordered some for my friends! I also hope you guys are enjoying Blogmas so far, I am having so much fun writing and posting these!

Charlii xo



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