Christmas with the Kranks movie review- Blogmas Day 8

It’s Christmas time, which means watching Christmas themed movies! So for today’s blogmas, I thought I would review a movie I just watched! About 10m ago I finished the movie ‘Christmas with the Kranks!

Plot Overview

When Nora and Luther Krank say they aren’t ‘doing’ Christmas this year, they totally mean it! With their only daughter Blair in South America, they decide to go on a cruise instead of doing Christmas, as Blair won’t be home anyways. They go to the trouble of writing letters regarding them skipping out on Christmas, and avoiding their neighbours constant pestering about Christmas. When Blair calls and says that she is coming home for Christmas and bringing her new boyfriend Enrique (or n-reeky, its a joke you’ll understand if you have seen the movie!), they must band together and try and redecorate the house for Christmas, without leaving a trace of their previous plans behind.



Positive elements:

The movie really showcased community and the importance of teamwork and family. It showed that when Blair said she was going to come home, Nora and Luther were running around frantically to make sure that their daughter had the best Christmas homecoming that she could get. It also showed community and team work in the fact that the whole town that they were living in got together to make sure that the Christmas party was perfect. For example, someone was assigned getting the turkey, and someone was assigned to help get the decorations up. All in all, I thought it was fantastic in showcasing those elements.


Negative elements

There were not many ‘negative’ elements as such in This particular movie as it was quite family oriented, and not terrible in the violence and alcohol department. I will however mention those times that it was showed. There was a small amount of violence, just little things like Nora rolling up her car window on her overbearing neighbours fingers, or people falling off the roof while trying to put up Christmas lights. There was also the mild Luther stepping on the cats tail.

In regards to swearing and language, you can count the number of times they swore on one hand. There is not much alcohol in the film, just the rare occasion of people with wine and liquor in their hand while partying. There is also one out-of-place line where Luther jokes about a suicide attempt, but it was a very basic joke.



I sincerely recommend this movie to anybody at Christmas time for the family, I absolutely loved it and would 10/10 rate it. There was humour for the Kids and the adults, and it was incredibly funny! Make sure to check it out with your family this holiday season!


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