6 Tips to survive Christmas shopping- Blogmas day 10!

Ah Christmas shopping. That time of the season where everybody rushes around in every store to try and find that one gift. It’s so fun… right?! If you know what you are doing, and are organised, it can be so much fun. You might even be able to stop for a coffee break! However, if you are unorganised and rushing around, trust me, there is no coffee time for you. So here are my top tips to stay organised, and survive Christmas shopping.

  1. Make a list

Making a list is vital. This means sitting down at your desk, and writing a list of who you are buying for this year. Then cross off the ones you already have presents for (do this during the trip so you don’t get confused) and put an asterisk ( * ) next to the people you NEED to buy for (immediate family, best friend ect.)




2. Plan Ahead

Go through the list you just made, and try and generate some ideas as to what you can buy for them. (Also check out some of my previous posts for some ideas!) You can google the places you want to buy from, and write down next to the persons name, what shop you are going to for their present. This then gives you the ultimate game plan.




3. Be ready

Doing majority of the Christmas shopping in one day is the ultimate goal here. This entails you being super ready. The night before you can; Pack your handbag, clean out your car, lay your clothes out on the chair in your room (I love to wear super comfy clothes, sometimes even exercise pants or comfy jeans because you will be walking around a lot. Also, think about your shoe choice), make some overnight oats (for breakfast in the morning) and make sure you have your list with you. Then, you will be ready.




4. Go out early. 

You need to avoid doing all this on weekends and weekday evenings. Most people work during the early mornings of weekdays, so this is the perfect time for you to go. You should aim to be at the shops about 20-30 minutes after opening. This allows the shop time to set up and be ready, and you will still be there on time.




5. Avoid stopping at shops ‘just because’ 

This is one of the main reasons when I go shopping, I stress. I know there are going to be distractions. And by distractions, I mean shops with really totally awesome stuff! I always get caught up looking at the latest makeup brushes, or the newest cover edition of the twilight books (okay It happened one time, but i’m obsessed!). But during this time of the year, we need to be disciplined. You need to remember that if you keep looking in alternative shops, you may not get everything you need. However a good thing, is when you are walking past these shops and you see something in the window and say ‘Oh this would be perfect for…’ Then you can grab it and you already have one part of the shopping done. (The following image is something that I sure would get distracted by)




6. Have a coffee break! 

After all, you deserve it! Try to get all of the ‘most wanted’ items done in the first part of the morning, then go and get a drink, and maybe even a piece of cake. You deserve it! Then continue on your way to finish your shopping. And then get ready to go on home, and wrap every present you just bought. Fun!



Alrighty guys those are my six tips for Christmas shopping! I hope you all enjoyed them, there were a few other posts linked in this one so go and check those out too!

Charlii xo


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