Stocking Stuffers- Blogmas Day 13

Welcome to blogmas day 13! Today’s post is going to be 5 stocking stuffer ideas!! Enjoy:

Travel Sized products

Most of the people I know love to travel, so this sort of a gift is perfect! Small travel sized products can be used obviously when traveling, but also people like to buy them to use at home instead of buying huge bottles. Great for trying before buying kind of thing!

Young Living Lavender Oil

This is a great stocking stuffer because it’s small but mighty! It is also fantastic if you have bought someone a diffuser this year, you can gift a little oil as a stocking stuffer!!

Portable phone charger

Portable phone chargers are great because everyone wants one! They are great to take with you on trips, and also great to keep with you at school or in your handbag!

Sticky notes

Okay so not everybody is going to want to get sticky notes in their stocking, however I know I would! For people who are still in school or university, Sticky notes are something we use daily, and you can get some really pretty ones!

Gift cards

I think gift cards and the most versatile and easiest gift. You can get them for so many different places and in so many different amounts. You can also give them a ‘visa gift card’ which is where you put money on the card and they can spend it anywhere!


I hope you guys enjoyed today’s blogmas, if you have any other stocking stuffer ideas make sure to leave them in the comments!

Charlii xo

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