10 Healthy Christmas Snack Ideas- Blogmas Day 15

With Christmas only 10 days away, we need to start thinking about food. Well… We always need to be thinking about food. But in particular at this time of year, what food we are going to be serving our guests. So here are 10 recipes that I have collected from the internet, for healthy Christmas ideas!

Quick shoutout to all of the websites and blogs that I got these recipes from! You can view these via the link at the bottom of each one! You guys have made some fantastic recipes!

1.Frozen watermelon Trees


These frozen treats are both tasty and cool!

You can access the link here


2. Watermelon, Mint and Lime Christmas slushy


This one is sure to please a lot of people! And you can add a drop of our Lime Essential oil into this instead of the lime juice!

You can access the link here


3. Choc Mint Balls


These little mint and chocolate balls are great for that extra protein, or little snack during the day! You can even dress them up to make reindeer faces.

You can access the link here


4. Date and Pretzel Reindeers



These little guys are just gorgeous! They are just dates and pretzels and a couple of other little bits and pieces! Kids are going to love these!

You can access the link here


5. Strawberry Santas



Who doesn’t love strawberries and santa?! These little guys are so adorable. And the kids will love making them!

You can access the link here


6. Babybel Cheese Santas


I know that you’ll have fun making these, and eating them! These little guys all the guests will love!

You can access the link here


7. Banana Penguins


These banana penguins are a perfect example of how healthy foods can look amazing! Imagine guests coming to your house and you giving them one of these!

You can access the link here


8. Melon and Raspberry Snowmen


This whole thing is made from fruit. FRUIT! Can you believe that? And they taste delicious!

You can access the link here


9. Watermelon Pops


These are super duper easy and delicious. And you can make them in many different shapes!

You can access the link here


10. Chicken and Cucumber Bites


This is my own recipe!!

You will need:

2 chicken breasts

1 whole Lebanese cucumber

Lemon Essential Oil

Pepita Seeds

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Lime Essential Oil




  1. Poach the chicken (by putting the two breasts of chicken in boiling water until cooked through- this can take anywhere up to 30m-40m)
  2. Shred your chicken, if you want it thicker you can use a fork, but if you want it thinner you can use a machine eg. Thermomix
  3. Add in your mayonaise. Once again, this is a choice. You can put more in for a creamier texture, or less in for a thicker texture.
  4. Ground up the pepitas. Don’t ground them too small, just enough to add a little crunch.
  5. Add in one drop of each essential oil. (I would suggest using a tooth pick to add a small amount in at a time)
  6. Cut up the cucumber. Then place small piles of the chicken onto the cucumber.



I hope you all enjoy these recipes, and make sure you link me some below!


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