6 Tricks for Online Shopping- Blogmas Day 18

Welcome to blogmas day 18! For today’s post and tomorrows post I have decided to combine them (well sort of) and make them into a mini two-part series. We can call this the online shopping duo. Now I love online shopping, so this all comes from the heart! So here are my 6 favourite tricks for online shopping!

1. Lists, Lists Lists!

checklist-2077020_960_720Write out a list of the places you want to go shopping at. This is vital because otherwise you may end up spending money on unessecary things. I know for myself if I went onto the Young Living website to buy things online, if I didn’t have a list, I would struggle to look and not buy for myself.



2. Download Honey


Honey is an app that during the checkout (when your online shopping of course) you can press on it and it will automatically find and add coupons.



3. Join Amazon Prime


If you plan to do some shopping on Amazon, I would highly recommend getting Amazon prime. You get free domestic two day delivery, thousands of deals, free standard international delivery on orders over $49, amazon prime video, prime reading and twitch prime. It’s just $6.99 per month- but up until January 31st as an introductory offer, Amazon prime will only cost $4.99 a month.



4. Shop before December 16th


Most of the shops are likely to stop their deals after the 16th of December. Most companies won’t ship after then either, and they can’t guarantee delivery after. I would 100% recommend doing your online shopping earlier. (I speak from experience, I ordered something at the beginning of the month and it is still ‘in transit’ from the UK. I don’t think it will be here by Christmas)



5. Knock out some shopping during the big sales


Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are some of the craziest sales of the year. Take advantage of these sales, and knock out some Christmas shopping online. Sometimes these sites even have free shipping for their sales, so it’s double deals!



6.  Know your shipping companies!


Try to find out which shipping companies you are using, so that way you can track your parcels and download apps to help figure out where your parcels are and when they will be delivered. It’s a pain when you are unsure of when your parcels will arrive and one gets delivered when you are not home and you have to go the post office.


Bonus tip: Pay that little bit extra to get your parcels tracked. Some of the shipping prices give you options= ALWAYS go for the track and signed!


Alright everyone! Not long now until Christmas!!! Get ready for the second part of our online shopping duo!

Charlii xo


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