My Favourite 2018 Makeup Trends- Blogmas Day 21

Ah 2018, the year of some of the craziest makeup trends. 2018 was the year it all began- The Savvy Teen. 2018 sparked my love for makeup even more, and made me begin to realise that I could post the photos of my looks on instagram, and feel great about them. It was the year that Savvy Minerals really took off in my eyes. It was the year that all the beauty youtubers had ‘tea’ and many of them came out with their own lines of makeup. 2018 was a year full of makeup and gurus. So let me share with you, my favourite trends of 2018.

I have linked all of the artists featured in the blog below each post. Just click on the names and it will take you straight to their instagram page!


1. Graphic Lips

The Fishtail_ Best Beach Accessory.png

JazminaVladaAshley and Andrea

These looks are so complicated! I have tried to do some of these on multiple occasions, but if you accidentally lick your lips or mess it up in one part… take it off and start again.



2. Rainbow Eyeshadow

The Fishtail_ Best Beach Accessory copy.png

JamesMaryKatie and Renea

Bright, Bold and Beautiful colours. These looks are just stunning. From the cut creases to the winged eyeliner as accessories to the colours, they never fail to amaze me.


3. Graphic Eyeshadow

The Fishtail_ Best Beach Accessory copy 2.png

TalJames and Neesha

Now this is what I call art. Hours of work put in, arms aching, plenty of makeup used, just to get one stunning look. It takes a lot of patience to spend this amount of time on a look like this.


4. Highlighting

The Fishtail_ Best Beach Accessory copy 3.png

JamesPhilippMariya and Tanya

This trend has not only become massive, but it has recently become a makeup challenge. The ‘full face using only highlighters’ challenge is a classic.


5. Makeup Mask Optical Illusion

The Fishtail_ Best Beach Accessory copy 4.png

NikkieSamantaAisling and Sophay

I am honestly not sure who started this, but I love it. This optical illusion is so much fun to watch be created on youtube, and I truly love the way it looks.


7. Makeup Artworks

The Fishtail_ Best Beach Accessory copy 5.png

GabrielleGinaSammy and Lana

This is surprisingly a lot harder than you would expect. I mean, after all you have to keep still and only use one hand for majority of this. Plus, one eyelash out of place, and the whole look is gone. However, I love these so much.


Before I finish up:

Huge shoutout and thank you to each and every makeup artist or creator featured in today’s post. You continue to inspire me and give me inspiration for new looks to try and create. Admittedly, it can be a challenge, but that’s simply because you are all so incredibly talented. I have had the privilege of speaking to a few of you, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you. This is the part of the makeup community that makes me so super happy. Thank you for being a feature in my post today! Keep on inspiring people! x


I hope you all enjoyed today’s post, and get ready for tomorrow’s. It will be related to today’s. Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?

Charlii xo

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