Pre Christmas Pamper Routine- Blogmas Day 22

22nd of December, means Christmas is near. This is one of the happiest, but also stressful times of the year. However, there are many ways to deal with this stress. One of these ways is to pamper yourself. Here is my pamper day/night routine!

Step 1: Eating a healthy breakfast

Today is your big pamper day. You need to make sure to have a light and hearty breakfast. Usually on the days up until Christmas, I like to eat less or swap out meals for meal replacement shakes. This helps me to make sure I am feeling great for my Christmas feast. However on my pamper day, eggs and bacon sounds pretty good.


Step 2: Cleaning!

I know cleaning can be a bore. However, I like to remove everything from my bedroom, clean the whole thing out (using my Thieves household cleaner!) and then vacuum. I then also go through everything and put it back, throwing things out as I go. To help with the overall cleanliness of the room, I wash my sheets and dry them all with my essential oils. (I love lime or orange!) It feels so refreshing and amazing when you have cleaned up.


Step 3: Wash Hair + Other Cleaning Pampering

I always start by washing my hair, mixing my shampoo with a small amount of bi-carb soda. This helps me to completely wash my hair and return it back to it’s original state. Then I quickly get out of the shower and jump in the bath with one of my Young Living Bath Bombs. I also love to fake tan (with the organic stuff of course) and then put my hair into two braids.


Step 4: Painting Nails

The final step is painting my nails in Christmas colours. Green and Red is my favourites for my nails!


So this was my pamper routine, it is different for everybody but this is just the one I use!

Merry Christmas everyone! Only a few more days left!

Charlii xo

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