About Me


My name is Charlii, I’m a 16-year-old ‘lifestyle’ blogger. I love all things beauty and lifestyle, so in 2016 ‘Wellbeing Teen’ was created. This was my original blog, aimed at helping teenagers with their wellbeing. However, I was struggling to create posts around that topic, as that was not my only passion, yet that was what the blog was about. So, in 2018 I started a Facebook group called ‘The Savvy Teen’, which was based around Young Living’s Savvy Minerals makeup. Then I created The Savvy Teen blog, which took over Wellbeing Teen.

My why? Well, I have seen so many teenagers struggling to find themselves, and who are using chemical products around them. I have always been called different at school, not only for eating healthy but for not putting common brands of makeup and skin care on my skin. One of the most common things, was the fact that I always took carrots to school with me, and people would call me a rabbit. Nowadays, that wouldn’t affect me because I would laugh it off, however, 10 year old me, was so upset and got discouraged. I mean, people’s opinions matter right? Well technically no, but when your young (and even older people) you care about what people think. Now I’m older I understand the value in good education about the things we are putting on, and in our bodies, and eating healthy. Another why for me, is because of youtube. What more do I need to say? Many beauty YouTubers are promoting products that they love, or they are sponsored by, however, most products have so many chemicals in them, that they cause common skin issues. So I want to promote the best products and makeup for your skin so that you get the best products for you!

So now that you’ve heard my why, go ahead and explore the blog. I have four main categories- Beauty, Lifestyle, Food and Travel. They are pretty self-explanatory, but the first post within the section will explain what they are about.


Charlii xo